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UCSF Open Proposals enables transparent and collaborative proposal development, promotes multi-disciplinary team building, and reduces the likelihood of redundant proposals.

Unlike the typical proposal preparation and submission process, Open Proposal applications are posted online and made available for review by a community of peers. Colleagues are invited to comment on proposals and make suggestions for improvement. Commenters are able to offer support and note useful resources, and might even join the proposal team. The funding entity may also provide early critical input to ensure proposals are responsive to the opportunity. Proposers are able to use this feedback to improve upon an application throughout the Open Proposal process. Eventually, revisions and comments are closed and the funding entity reviews final proposals and makes award decisions.

UCSF's Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) has iterated several times with the Open Proposal format, and the tool and approach are now available as a resource for the larger UCSF community. Are you interested in learning more or implementing your own Open Proposal? Contact us.

Open Proposal Process


During the first phase, proposers submit a proposal, or possibly seek collaborators to help develop an idea into a proposal. All proposals must be submitted by an established deadline.


The second phase is what makes UCSF Open Proposals different. Others are invited to review proposals, ask questions, offer support, and give suggestions to make good ideas even better. Proposers can use this feedback to improve original proposals prior to a final deadline.


Proposals are reviewed by the funding entity and award funding is announced.

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