The Big Tent

CTSI 2016 NIH Renewal Proposal Launchpad

Minimizing the CTSA carbon footprint

Proposal Status: 

How can we minimize our contributions to global warming in the operation of our CTSI and CTSA programs in general? An example of a high carbon activity are airplane flights. Are there ways to use alternative communication modalities to avoid taking more transcontinental flights than necessary for scientific meetings, administrative activities, etc? The challenge of this big tent proposal would be to perform an inventory of our CTSI carbon footprint and find ways to reduce it without compromising our programs.


Totally agreed, particularly now that we're past 400ppm CO2, and all the attendant public health impacts have become so much more clear. I've spent the past 3 years doing writing and advocacy (1, 2, 3) around the climate impacts of the dirty aviation industry, which is responsible for ~5% of the human impact on the climate, and is one of the biggest sources of emissions by people and institutions who otherwise think of themselves as being green. I'd love to brainstorm this further.

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