Education and Business Technology Funding 2017

IT Governance Request for Proposals on Teaching & Learning and Business Technology


In 2013-14, the UCSF IT Governance Steering Committee launched a comprehensive planning effort to identify and fund key IT initiatives essential to support the mission of the campus. Through this effort a total of 22 projects were funded to support the education and research missions of the University, to improve business operations and to enhance the underlying IT infrastructure and architecture. Examples of the projects that were funded include: Integration of High Performance Computing facilities, Implementation of a Mouse Colony Management System and Biospecimen Banking System, Upgrades to the Learning and Curriculum Management System and a Assessment of the Educational Technology Landscape, Implementation of Enterprise Systems Integration Services, and software solutions to support improved Asset Management and General Ledger Verification.

The IT Steering Committee is now requesting new proposals for funding consideration in FY18 across the five areas of Education, Research, Business Solutions, Technology & Architecture, and Web Communications. Projects currently funded with the IT Roadmap funds requiring augmentation funds are also eligible for consideration.


All UCSF faculty and staff are eligible to apply.

Review Criteria

Proposals that meet one or more of the following criteria will be considered high priority:

  • Strategic: Positions UCSF as a leader and innovator in a core mission area;
  • Operations: Addresses critical operational need;
  • Financial: Results in substantial positive financial impact (cost savings, cost avoidance or revenue generation);
  • Mandated: Required for compliance with federal or state regulations or accrediting body; or UCOP requirement.
  • Matching Funds: Identify matching funds from an alternative source and include a plan for funding ongoing maintenance and operational support of the solution.

Proposal Format

The final Project Description should include:

  1. Provide an overview of the project and its related benefits.
  2. Describe how this project positions UCSF as a leader and innovator in a core mission area.
  3. Describe what critical operational need(s) this solution will address.
  4. Describe the financial impact this solution will provide to the University in terms of cost savings, cost avoidance, or revenue generation.
  5. Is this solution required for compliance with federal or state regulations or accrediting body; or UCOP requirement? If so, please provide details.
  6. Indicate the source and amount of matching funds if applicable.
  7. Indicate source of funds for ongoing operations and maintenance of solution.

Required Supporting Documents:

  • A financial estimate must be uploaded as a Supporting Document attachment by the final submission deadline.


Submission Resources


  • Nov 16 - Feb 3, 2017 at noon: Proposal Submission
  • Feb 4-24: Review
    • Review of Teaching and Learning-related proposals by the Committee on Education Technology
    • Review of Business Operations-related proposals by the Committee on Business Technology
  • March 2: Initial Presentation of priority proposals to the ITG Steering Committee
  • March 3 - April 30: Follow up and request for additional information as needed
  • May 4: Final Review and Decision by the ITG Steering Committee