Education and Business Technology Funding 2017

IT Governance Request for Proposals on Teaching & Learning and Business Technology

Business Systems User Experience

Proposal Status: 

Engage in a consulting agreement with business technology management experts to help UCSF maximize user interaction and effectiveness with UCSF business systems.  
1.        Project Overview & Benefits:

Over the last decade, the University has invested significantly in new administrative systems and ongoing system enhancements.  Users of these systems receive initial training and are expected to master the tools on the job.  We invest in these systems to help staff perform their jobs more effectively and efficiently.  These tools are often very sophisticated and offer functionality that would help meet requirements. With all major systems implementations, we have extensive systems documentation, training and change management processes in place. However, we are noticing many systems being under-utilized and/or used inconsistently across departments. A recent study conducted by UCSF Controller’s Office of UCSF’s budgeting and planning systems highlighted the lack of knowledge or confidence in users in the use of those systems. 
How can we improve the effectiveness/impact of our administrative systems?  We can continuously enhance the software tools, but are there other factors that we need to address?  We can conduct more training, but how effective are our trainings?  What more do we need to do to improve user experience?  How can we better capitalize on the return of systems investments? 
We suggest devoting effort, perhaps with professional help, to identify the reasons as to why users are not gaining on the full potential of our systems and to recommend solutions to assist with support of ongoing systems and introduction of new systems.             
2.        Leader & Innovator:                         

We can only be a leader and innovator when we truly use the innovation.  This proposal is to find ways to better ourselves in using innovation and business systems that we now have or will have. 
3.        Operational Needs:

This project is not a request for funding a new system, but rather to find ways to further improve user experience with existing systems and future systems.  We’ve built many of our systems off of business requirements gathered from field experts, which are based on operational needs.  We are looking for ways to help users to fully utilize systems to meet their operational needs.        
4.        Financial Impact:       

This project will have a one-time cost to analyze data, gather input and develop recommendations. It is unlikely to generate quantifiable cost savings, though should allow us to improve utilization and value of business technology.
5.        Requirement with Governing Bodies:

This solution is not required for compliance with federal or state regulations or accrediting body or UCOP requirement, but can better help staff to manage compliance of regulations and other requirements in systems.
6.        Matching Funds:

Currently, there is no source and amount of matching funds for this project.
7.        Funding for Ongoing Maintenance:

Currently, no source of funds for ongoing operations and maintenance of solution have been identified, if any.

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