Education and Business Technology Funding 2017

IT Governance Request for Proposals on Teaching & Learning and Business Technology

Pay Equity Analysis and Tracking Tool

Primary Author: Jason Stout
Proposal Status: 

The ultimate goal of a pay equity study is to develop a model that provides an understanding of the company’s pay structure and that explains differences in pay among comparable employees. – Donald Deere, Economist

UCSF Campus HR seeks 100,000 in initial funding (scoping and data gathering phase) and 149,000 (implementation phase) for an application to facilitate internal and external equity studies for all staff positions at UCSF.

An equity study provides decision makers with sophisticated data analysis when reviewing equity. This study compares employees in similar roles based on salary, years of experience, education and licenses, knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) and potentially other salient data elements.

This information will provide the basis for making informed and competitive salary recommendations for both internal and external candidates to attract, motivate and retain top talent for UCSF staff positions. In addition, this data will provide the source for information requests or audits from legal and government representatives (example: OFCCP).

The proposed application is different from external equity tools used by UC and UCSF. While those tools (such as UCSF Health’s MarketPay) provide market information, they do not provide the robust tools for analyzing internal equity questions.

While UCPath (PeopleSoft HCM) provides some internal equity functions, it is unlikely these functions will be available to UCSF in the next few years.

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