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Document Management System - Scoping Project

Primary Author: Suzanne Murphy
Proposal Status: 


As UCSF moves more employees into open plan work environments how does the institution manage the (currently) physical documents associated with their work and the historical documents that need to be readily accessible to employees.


Initiate a comprehensive scoping project to determine best options for a campus wide document management system and identify possible funding options.

SCOPING project will

Enterprise-wide PCI Compliant E-commerce Solution

Primary Author: Cindy Yoxsimer
Proposal Status: 

Implement a centrally approved, enterprise-wide PCI compliant ecommerce solution that:

  • is competitively priced

  • is easy to use

  • is flexible, adaptable, and scaleable

  • AND has the security in place to protect the University, its departments doing business, and their customers against payment card data breaches 

Pay Equity Analysis and Tracking Tool

Primary Author: Jason Stout
Proposal Status: 

The ultimate goal of a pay equity study is to develop a model that provides an understanding of the company’s pay structure and that explains differences in pay among comparable employees. – Donald Deere, Economist

UCSF Campus HR seeks 100,000 in initial funding (scoping and data gathering phase) and 149,000 (implementation phase) for an application to facilitate internal and external equity studies for all staff positions at UCSF.

Business Systems User Experience

Proposal Status: 

Engage in a consulting agreement with business technology management experts to help UCSF maximize user interaction and effectiveness with UCSF business systems.  
1.        Project Overview & Benefits:

Web-based Performance Evaluation Portal

Primary Author: Maria Novelero
Proposal Status: 

Expand scope of Department of Medicine web-based performance evaluation portal to be available for use to all non-represented staff.
1.        Project Overview & Benefits:

UCSF Financial Compliance Dashboard

Proposal Status: 

The UCSF Financial Compliance Dashboard is a tool that will provide quick indicators to a Department or Unit of its financial compliance risks.  We operate in a complex environment governed by a multitude of policies and regulations.  Managing our business to ensure we are in compliant with all rules is challenging and oftentimes not performed very well.  We want to create a tool in which departments/units could use to monitor financial compliance effectively and efficiently.  We aim to incorporate the most critical areas of compliance in this dashboard as to not overwhelm the users, yet co