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Cultivating a Community of Makers at UCSF in Partnership with the Library

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Cultivating a Community of Makers at UCSF in Partnership with the Library

1. Overview and Benefits

The Makers Lab has positioned itself to be at the center of learning, inspiration, and exploration at UCSF in the ten months since opening. The Makers Lab has been well received by the UCSF community, especially by students, who have limited options for pursuing creative projects on campus where they can tinker, play, innovate, and build community. Faculty and course staff have also shown an increasing interest in using the Makers lab to support curriculum, either for discrete projects or for small group activities associated with coursework. We use maker and maker movement as umbrella terms for independent inventors, designers, and tinkerers1.

We are requesting $82,500 from the IT Governance for Teaching & Learning and Business Technology to fund the purchase of additional equipment for the Makers Lab over a three-year period (e.g. 3D printers, 3D scanners, programmable electronics, emerging technologies, etc.). The equipment will be used to support projects in the Makers Lab and to develop a Mobile Makers Lab service designed to bring innovation to classrooms and other locations across UCSF campuses. The proposal meets strategic, operational, and financial criteria as detailed below.