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CTSI 2016 NIH Renewal Proposal Launchpad


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The NIH grant awarded to the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) must be recompeted in 2016, and the proposal planning process has begun. That includes using UCSF Open Proposals to solicit ideas for high-impact initiatives to include in the next 5-year CTSI grant. CTSI's goal is to involve the broadest community possible — the UCSF community, affiliate organizations, community partners, etc. — to help identify and plan activities that will substantially improve translational research at UCSF, regionally and nationally.

Open Proposals Awarded!: CTSI has selected 2 proposals for planning grants and 3 honorable mentions. The winning proposals are the first 2 proposals listed below, with the notation "Selected for Planning Grants". Thank you for your interest and participation in this "Open Proposal" opportunity.

Proposals (22) - top 2 have been selected!