Caring Wisely FY 2023 Project Contest






UCSF Health and the UCSF Center for Healthcare Value (CHV) sponsors awards of up to $50,000 for one year to faculty and staff for collaborative projects that can be implemented to reduce waste and lower health care costs while maintaining or improving health at UCSF Health, which consists of UCSF Medical Center, Benioff Children’s Hospital San Francisco, Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland, and the UCSF faculty practice group and ambulatory clinics.



We invite the submission of any proposal that improves healthcare value at UCSF Health. UCSF Health is also particularly interested in proposals that address value improvement opportunities in one of the below areas:

  • Improve Hospital Throughput and Reduce Excess Inpatient Bed Days
  • Improve Outpatient, Inpatient, or Perioperative Clinical Access
  • Improve Health Equity
  • Reduce Hospital Acquired Conditions and Infections
  • Reduce Unnecessary Testing
  • Jan 23 - Mar 3 - Project Contest 1st Round

    Proposal Submission Deadline

    Proposal submissions due by 5pm | Fri., March 3, 2023

    • Projects with a projected direct cost savings of greater than $250,000 are more likely to be selected (click on the "Read important information about this forum" link on the home page to see more criteria for winning).
    • The Center for Healthcare Value will offer “Office Hours” to answer questions and provide guidance on cost analysis. Please email Jahan Fahimi ( and Catherine Lau ( to schedule a session.

    During this time, project teams should:

    • Build your core team and extended stakeholders interested in this problem.
    • Browse proposals and comment to improve others' proposal.
    • Review comments and provide additional information if necessary.
  • Mar 6 - Mar 13: 1st Round Review and announcement of 2nd Round Finalists
    • Proposal submissions are reviewed.
    • Selected finalists will be invited to proceed to the Optimization Phase.
    • 2nd Round Finalists announced by March 13th
  • Mar 13 - Mar 31: 2nd Round Finalists Optimization Phase

    Final updates to proposals must be complete before 5pm | Fri., March 31, 2023

    During this time, project teams should:

    • Optimize your proposal
      • Stay on top of OpenProposal comments, answer questions, and ask new ones!
    • Continue to build your core team and extended stakeholders interested in this problem
    • Obtain sign-off from the Executive Sponsor(s)
    • 2nd Round Finalists announced by March 13th
      • Any updates to Full Proposals must be completed prior to 5:00PM, Friday, March 31, 2023


  • Apr 3 - May 5: 2nd Round Review
    • Finalist proposals are reviewed.
  • May 8: FY24 Caring WiselyTM $50K Project Awards Announced

    Winners will be announced on Mon., May 8, 2023

Implementation Phase

Proposals (31 total)

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A Sustainable Solution to Reduce Surgical Supply Waste – A Preference Card Optimization Tool

Primary Author: Seema Gandhi
Proposal Status: 



Seema Gandhi, MD






Increasing Access to Equitable Care Among Medically Hospitalized Youth with Eating Disorders

Proposal Status: 

PROJECT LEAD(S): Sarah Forsberg, PsyD



Reducing disparities in lung cancer screening in vulnerable populations

Primary Author: Joan O'Mahony
Proposal Status: 
    • PROPOSAL TITLE: Reducing disparities in lung cancer screening in vulnerable populations 
    • PROJECT LEAD(S): Joan O'Mahony
    • EXECUTIVE SPONSOR(S): Laurel Bray-Hanin
    • ABSTRACT - 

    Findings from the National Cancer Institutes National Lung Screening Trial established that lung cancer mortality in specific high-risk groups can be reduced by annual screening with low-dose computed tomography (CT).  Access to these services can reduce inpatient/outpatient healthcare cost with patients being screened at an early stage.  Through com

The Wave of the Future: Using Long-Wave Infrared Thermography to Prevent Hospital Acquired Pressure Injuries

Proposal Status: 


Executive Sponsor:

Arthur Dominguez Jr., DNP, MSN, RN, CEN

Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer of Adult Services

Project Lead(s)

Inpatient Wound and Ostomy Care Team (Parnassus Campus)

Team Manager: Jonathon Holte, MSN, RN, CWON

Team Members:

Skyler Bivens, BSN, RN-BC, CWOCN

Diane Sandman, MSN, FNP, CWOCN

Rachel Daniels, BS-N, RN, CWON

The inpatient wound and ostomy team is part of the clinical practice and research branch of the

Reducing Painful Procedures in the Intensive Care Nursery

Proposal Status: 
  • PROJECT LEAD(S): Katelin Kramer, MD
  • EXECUTIVE SPONSOR(S): Elizabeth Rogers, MD
  • ABSTRACT : Painful procedures are performed frequently in the Intensive Care Nursery (ICN), especially in preterm infants. There is a breadth of evidence that repeated painful procedures and blood draws cause harm in preterm infants.

Trach me home: decreasing length of stay in patients with tracheostomies through a high fidelity simulation training program

Proposal Status: 


Between 2021 and 2022, 22 children received tracheostomies at UCSF, with an average length of stay (LOS) of ~180 days. Discharge for this population is a complex process, including arranging for medical equipment, home care nursing, and training caregivers, which can all lead to delays in discharge and prolong hospital stays. While it's not always possible to control the lack of medical equipment and nursing, we can have an impact on caregiver training. Children who have undergone a tracheostomy require intensive caregiver education, and despite multidisciplinary team efforts, home caregivers may experience fragmented care and communication during the transition from hospital to home1,2,3,4. A study found that the second most common cause of discharge delays were due to caregiver training delays, with a median range of discharge 41 days after they were deemed medically stable2. Other studies have reported similar findings highlighting the challenges of the transition from actively supporting a critically ill patient to physically providing primary care, which can be emotionally complex and involve a steep learning curve 3,4,5.  An early caregiver training program has the potential to reduce inpatient LOS and healthcare costs5,6. The primary aim of this project is to reduce LOS by enacting a high fidelity simulation training program integrated with bedside education for caregivers with the secondary goal of reducing readmission rates and improving caregiver competency. 


Improving Operating Room Efficiency

Proposal Status: 


            Improving Operating Room Efficiency


            MB Triad, Nathan Schwab, Joyce Chang, Jina Sinskey


            Amy Lu


A Proof-of-Concept Pilot Ride Share Voucher Program to Reduce Transportation Barriers and Primary Care Visit No Shows among Medically Complex Patients

Proposal Status: 

PROJECT LEAD(S): Jane Jih, MD, MPH, MAS and Atrejo "Trey" Patridge, NP, UCSF Health Mount Zion Division of General Internal Medicine General Medicine (DGIM) Practice

EXECUTIVE SPONSOR(S): Adele Anfinson, Eric McNey

Assessment of Efficacy and Safety of a Standardized Continuous Pulse Oximetry EHR Order

Proposal Status: 


Assessment of Efficacy and Safety of a Standardized Continuous Pulse Oximetry EHR Order



Nirav Bhakta

Aida Venado Estrada



Adrienne Greene

Joshua Adler


ABSTRACT - One paragraph summary of your proposed initiative – Limit 1500 characters (with spaces)


Improvement of Interoperability with pre-assessment screening of planned surgical candidates within UC system

Proposal Status: 
  • PROPOSAL TITLE: Improvement of  Interoperability with pre-assessment screening of planned surgical candidates within the UCSF system 
  • PROJECT LEAD(S): To be determined 
  • EXECUTIVE SPONSOR(S): Case management department 
  • ABSTRACT - As per diem case manager servicing the Mount Zion ortho campus, I, Charles Bell have found a common occurrence of patients admitted for planned procedures without adequate pre-operative screening or the communication of the results.