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Promoting the collaborative development of proposals for investments in digital health global goods

Digital Square supports investments in digital health global goods, which are tools that are adaptable to different countries and contexts. Mature digital health global good software is software that is (usually) Free and Open Source (FOSS), is supported by a strong community, has a clear governance structure, is funded by multiple sources, has been deployed at significant scale, is used across multiple countries, has demonstrated effectiveness, is designed to be interoperable, and is an emergent standard application.

We are using an open proposal process. Your concept notes and proposals will be publicly posted, giving you and other submitters the opportunity to find collaborators and provide and receive feedback from your peers.

  • December 20 - January 18: Concept Note Submission

    Submitters post iterations of concept notes.

    The Peer Review Committee, other submitters, and other stakeholders will:

    • Provide feedback, comments and suggestions
    • Identify potential areas for collaboration
  • January 20 - February 16: Proposal Co-creation Phase
    • Using feedback received in the Concept Note Phase, submitters begin proposal development.
    • Iterations may be posted on the forum.
    • The Peer Review Committee, other submitters, and other stakeholders continue to provide feedback, comments, and suggestions.
  • February 17 - March 2: Proposal Finalization Phase
    • Using feedback, submitters develop budget and finalized proposal and submit to the Digital Square public-facing platform.
    • The budget is not shared publicly on the platform. The PRC sees only the high-level budget and LOE percentages.
  • March 3 -22: PRC Review Phase

    The Peer Review Committee reviews proposals according to Peer Review Committee criteria and votes on green-, amber-, or red-lit status.

  • Mid-April: Board Review Phase

    Digital Squares presents the proposals, budget, and breakdown of Peer Review Committee votes to the Governing Board, which votes for investment.

  • Late April: Awards Announced

    The result of the Governing Board vote and Peer Review Committee feedback are communicated to the submitters.

Proposals (35 total)

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Creating Digital Access for Health for Migrants

Proposal Status: 

Executive Summary:

Migration from one country to another has been in the world for years. People from poor and emerging countries travel to other developed countries in search of better jobs and earning. Not only the opportunity seekers but there are also many population around the world who are forced to cross borders due to war, calamities and other problems and issues. Whatever the reason is they are all immigrants to the new country.


Strengthening and Expanding HEARTH open source tool and community

Proposal Status: 

Executive Summary

The use of Health Information Exchanges (HIE) is growing across the globe as Ministries and Departments of Health move towards connected health systems that provide better care to beneficiaries. The improvements in health provider access to complete clinical data, patient linking across disparate systems and standardised terminology and registries enable not only better patient care but also more efficient operational reporting and cost reduction.

Strengthening and Expanding the Open Health Information Mediator (OpenHIM)

Proposal Status: 

Executive Summary

The introduction of electronic health information systems into health services in most developing countries has been driven by donors looking to capture data about specific health issues (i.e. HIV/AIDS and TB) for research or impact monitoring and evaluation purposes. Data requirements have been illness specific and the electronic systems stand alone. The result has been the growing problem of siloed health information limited by the nature of the data collected and stored within the system as well as project specific access rights.

Promoting Interoperable Health Records System and Measurement Device in Ghana

Proposal Status: 


Technology has facilitated connectivity in today's world. However, the swift transfer of information in the health system appears impeded especially in developing countries. Integrated Healthcare through Evidence and Recording for Developing Countries (IHEARDC) has initiated a project seeking to improve healthcare in developing countries by providing an all-in-one interoperable Electronic Health Record System (EHRS) for evidence based treatment, continuity of care and the prevention of medical mistakes.

Developing Local Health Information Exchanges

Proposal Status: 

Accessible data is necessary to deliver care across a healthcare system. Colleaga is building a Health Information Exchange in South Africa and with this project, will expand it with local HIEs

EtherCIS: Enterprise Clinical Data Repository - built to world leading openEHR standard

Proposal Status: 

Executive Summary

Healthcare IT at present is simply not good enough and the challenge of building Guideline Based, Workflow Integration, Electronic Health Records at scale is one of the grand challenges of our time. The current state of disconnected siloed proprietary healthIT systems is perhaps the key issue facing the sector, adversely impacting clinicians at the frontline and impacting the care process.