IT Innovation Contest

A team-based contest for creative IT solutions

Interested in joining a team? Have a specific skill to contribute? Looking for a team member?

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  • If you are interested in applying, but haven't found the right team, add a comment to this posting with your name and particular skills and interests. 


  • Are you looking for team members?  Check the comments to see if you can find a match!


I have a few ideas to kick around if anyone wants to join a team or wants me to join a team. Email me if interested.

This contest sounds interesting. I am open to join a team.

Heya Vincent-fire me off an email at We can chat about our skillsets and ideas and such...

Hey Jerrold, Totally interested - email me at

Hello Jerrold and potential team mates. This sounds like an awesome event and I'd love to join a team. I'm currently a 4th year dental student. You can reach me at I'll also try emailing you.

Hi! I'm interested in joining a team and have a couple ideas to contribute as well. I can be reached at and I'll try emailing you also. - Megha


Hello all! My name is Bethany Simmons, a graduate student at UCSF, skilled in HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. I've made several websites from scratch. I also have programming skills (Matlab, C++, Python) and would love to collaborate on this project. Please email me at

I have a project that needs a team to help me develop an interactive tool for patients, students and staff that would be used for part of a new patient program for the new uscsf mission bay hospital. (current program name is: SmartStart for Moms and Babies). i could also use advice on what expertise i would need on such a team... if interested email me at:

This sounds like an exciting project. Might also consider drafting a summary of your proposed program and post it as a proposal on this site - including that you're looking for team members/expertise. It's another potential way to for interested parties to learn about this. Good luck!

I work in the Psychology department at SFGH. I have graphic design skills and can do packaging, books, annual reports, BRANDING and web design (not coding). I’m willing to join a team. Email:

Hi, a Stanford internal medicine resident and I are seeking a neurology resident, neurosurgery resident, neurologist or neurosurgeons interested in co-developing a mobile application for localizing CNS lesions. Please email me at if interested.

Hi, I am an ENT resident at UCSF. I am looking for someone who has experience with optical character recognition software or something similar. Email me at if interested. Thanks!

We are actively seeking help for our proposal: We need someone to develop the web application; someone to be the DBA; someone to code an HL7 parser. If you have any of the above skills, please contact me at Thank you!

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