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Adding new features to Profiles and/or VIVO

Citation alert using data from Microsoft Academic Research

Proposal Status: 

Give profiled researchers a list, in order of recency, of citations to their publications as listed in their profile. Use Microsoft Academic Research's API to do so.

At present, the only way to know this information is to sign up using Scopus or Web of Knowledge. Google Scholar also has a tool but their author disambiguation is relatively weak.

If indeed you can get the names of the publications from Microsoft Academic, this has upsides for both system administrators and profiled researchers. Profiled researchers learn about who is discussing their work. System administrators, and the university in general, have a carrot to encourage researchers to keep their publications accurate and up to date.


Cool idea. Have you used or do you know much about the Microsoft Academic APIs? Work well? Stable? Just wondering.. we haven't ever used them.

I haven't used this API. This suggestion was based on a conversation I had with the director of scholarly communication at Microsoft Research. As you see, I sent an email requesting access to the API, and cc'd you on it. Let's see how this works out.

This is an excellent idea, if we can get API access. I wonder if the data might be better presented inline within the list of publications, like this:

  • Title of paper. (2 citations)

…rather than as a separate gadget.

Selected comments from Reviewer(s):

Reviewer 1: "Excellent way to increase the value of your research through collaboration with others working in complementary areas."
Reviewer 2: "investigators already get this service (weekly or periodic reminders of people citing your work).  Don't think it's much of a game changer.  Don't see the innovation."


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