OpenSocial Gadget Contest

Adding new features to Profiles and/or VIVO

Awards and Honors Formatting

Proposal Status: 

Formatting issues:  Currently the entry fields for Honors and Awards do not mirror the profile published view.  For example, the entry field for Name comes before Institution, but on the published profile, the Institution is listed first.  I also have to add a hyphen (-) to the beginning of the Name entry, otherwise there is no delineation from Institution and Name of award.  Another formatting inconsistency are the awards listed from past to lasted in edit mode, but reversed when viewed published.


Impact:  These are aesthetics issues, and may make the editing experience a little less jarring.


This is a great idea. We're in the process of upgrading the Profiles software, and the new system includes an updated edit screen. We'll check to see if the new version of the software incorporates your suggestion.

As a result of technical feasibility review conducted by the Virtual Home team at CTSI, this proposal was considered beyond the technical scope for implementing it as an OpenSocial gadget. On behalf of Clinical and Translational Science Institute at UCSF, thank you for participating in this contest.

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