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Citation Integration Widget

Proposal Status: 

The main idea behind the Citation Integration Widget would be to integrate and organize access to citations from publications of VIVO users. The word widget is a bit of an understatement in the amount of work that would be required to program such a large scale platform, but it would consist of the following:


A citation template would be used, which fills out the information of a citation form a VIVO user, and leaves the rest to the widget (current date, date accessed, page # and sentence) 

VIVO users who have linked publications would set up a quick citation template.

VIVO users who link or upload future publications would have to do a quick citation template as a requirement.

A VIVO user who wants to use the intelligent or literal content of the publication can do so quickly and seamlessly by the use of hashtags (#) or the use of another integrated function. The system would pull the template automatically and perform the in text citation while also filling in the "resources" section. 

The in text citations, as well as the resources, would be live links to the VIVO user's publication - to the exact line even.


The long term objective would be to effectively organize citation information and seek to improve the tedious, traditional, manual method of citation today. This could be spread across many platforms, and its impact would be vast since it is another massive improvement in the quality of how scientific knowledge is shared and used.


I'm having trouble fully understanding the workflow. Could you share some mock/low-fi screenshots of what this could look like — even a photo of a whiteboard mockup would be helpful. Thanks.

(If you have a picture you want to point people to, you can upload it to a site like, and include a link in your proposal.)

I think this is the best way to describe it from the usage point of view:


Imagine that my first post, the one you commented on, is a publication.

You are viewing it on my VIVO profile, and the keyword of my publication is "Jack1". In your intext citation, you would write #Jack1-pg32-33 (just as an example) and the intext citation would automatically link to my publication. This would create an in text citation (for example: [12], if it's your 12th source) but would also be an active link to my publication, pages 32 and 33. 


The correct citation would be automatically added to your "references" section as well. 


I don't think a mockup could be made given that this is just a general concept, but the idea is to be able to quickly source citations and organize them through live links. 

As a result of technical feasibility review conducted by the Virtual Home team at CTSI, this proposal was considered beyond the technical scope for implementing it as an OpenSocial gadget. On behalf of Clinical and Translational Science Institute at UCSF, thank you for participating in this contest.

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