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Adding new features to Profiles and/or VIVO

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"deep text" searchable "Narrative" and "Faculty Mentoring" fields

Proposal Status: 

I have been promoting and using this tool predominately as a mechanism to connect mentees with career mentors within our home department.  Of course those who are interested in serving as career mentors must create specific text in both their "Narrative" and "Faculty Mentoring" fields of their profile.  These paragraphs provide a rich source of information about mentors beyond whatever words appear in their publication titles, keywords, etc.  For example, mentors can elect to disclose things about their personal life (e.g.

Expand links (URLs) from citations to open access and data sharing repositories

Proposal Status: 

The current Profiles system only allows adding links (URLs) from citations entered manually, not through the automated PubMed feature.  Allowing faculty to add multiple links to each publication would be useful.  It would be even more useful to add tools to add links to open access and secure data sharing repositories.  In particular, these should link to open access repositories and supplementary materials or resources.  UCSF and other institutions have open access publication policies in which faculty are now required to give publishers limited licenses to their work instead of unlimited

Adding "Mentoring Outreach" or "Collaboration Outreach" Star Rating

Proposal Status: 

Some sites like Yahoo Answers, the Microsoft Developers' product reviews and Yelp reviews, rate members based on frequency or helpfulness of their suggestions or reviews.

CTSI Data Autofeeds - Great Resources for Other UCSF Sites

Proposal Status: 

The automated CTSI data feed (and the UCSF Profiles mini-search feed) are very useful but not necessarily well-known features. The first feature auto-feeds live data from Pubmed publication lists and other UCSF resources into pages hosted on departmental or other UCSF websites. The second links from UCSF pages into UCSF Profiles. 

Cross platform research query

Proposal Status: 

·Research scientists want to know what others have done or are doing in order to strengthen their knowledge base.
·Research information resides in various publications/data sets hosted in a variety of public or private domains.

Citation alert using data from Microsoft Academic Research

Proposal Status: 

Give profiled researchers a list, in order of recency, of citations to their publications as listed in their profile. Use Microsoft Academic Research's API to do so.

At present, the only way to know this information is to sign up using Scopus or Web of Knowledge. Google Scholar also has a tool but their author disambiguation is relatively weak.

Conference Recommendation

Proposal Status: 

1. Harvest "Research Raven" into structured form (this may require getting permission):

Microsoft Academic Research has this data but it seems limited to computer science.  PubsHub also mantains such data but it's proprietary.


2. Using keywords from a user's profile, match people to upcoming calls for papers at conferences. Sort into two categories: conferences to attend and conferences to submit to.

Harmonize Profiles Gadget

Proposal Status: 

A researcher may have a primary, home location, e.g., UCSF Profiles, where they've taken care to make sure their profile is accurate and complete.  The researcher may also have a secondary profile at another institution, at an independent research lab, at a hospital.  Duplicating and keeping an extensive profile containing many publications, grants, patents, etc. would be tedious -- in fact, so tedious that few people would devote the effort.


Identifying resourses as we type.

Proposal Status: 

I think we can do a good job at identification of resources as we feed new content on VIVO profile. I had this idea last year. For instance, a researcher would enter his description in VIVO and as he types, he would get suggestions on VIVO resources identified in his statements.


I developed a prototype last year :


I could have bugs in there but I guess it's good enough to convey the idea.