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Adding new features to Profiles and/or VIVO

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Using Twitter data in combination with search results

Proposal Status: 

This gadget is designed to use the Twitter API and RDF data from search results conducted on the UCSF Profiles site to return relevant data about search. Using the query terms, the gadget will pull relevant data from currently trending tweets and display these results along with the search results. We would like to be able to highlight the differences in tweet content so that tweets featuring links to articles, resources, and conferences are given priority. 

Citation Integration Widget

Proposal Status: 

The main idea behind the Citation Integration Widget would be to integrate and organize access to citations from publications of VIVO users. The word widget is a bit of an understatement in the amount of work that would be required to program such a large scale platform, but it would consist of the following:


A citation template would be used, which fills out the information of a citation form a VIVO user, and leaves the rest to the widget (current date, date accessed, page # and sentence) 

ORCID gadget

Proposal Status: 

With ORCID launching in October, there is motivation for both VIVO and Profiles to actively support what is hoped to be major community shift to use of unique author IDs.  This gadget could be added to user profile pages to:


(a) encourage and facilitate ORCID registration,


(b) display that someone has registered an ORCID as well as link to it, and


(c) help to keep local and ORCID profiles in sync.


Suggestions for improving Profiles

Proposal Status: 

1. Extra Titles
Proposal: Added Extra Titles field may be useful for researcher who have multiple titles, and/or do research in multi-displinary fields. Example: Extra titles may include Vice-chair of a committee, PI of labs, Faculty of multiple department.


2. Research Interests
Proposal: Add a field for Research Interests. This will help in stating clearly the area of research expertise.


3. Expertise/Specialty
Proposal: Add Expertise/Specialty field


Sharing and Collaborative highlighting, commenting, annotating of manuscripts and internet full-text articles

Proposal Status: 

Problem. Researchers spend a lot of time reading articles, but it's increasingly difficult to keep up with the explosion of information (volume, velocity, variety). Pubmed and other tools exist for culling articles relevant to our interests, but might generate more results than one has time to read. Often, while reading an article, one might wish to discuss part of it with a colleague or forward it for some interesting detail.

Allowing Faculty Member to Add Link(s) to Moodle, TICR, or Other Online Forums or Resources

Proposal Status: 

A growing number of faculty members are teaching online. Might it be helpful to allow them to add, to their profiles, a link to their forums, classrooms, blogs or other resources, as hosted in the Moodle/Collaborative Learning Environment, Training in Clinical Research (TICR) or other sites?

Awards and Honors Formatting

Proposal Status: 

Formatting issues:  Currently the entry fields for Honors and Awards do not mirror the profile published view.  For example, the entry field for Name comes before Institution, but on the published profile, the Institution is listed first.  I also have to add a hyphen (-) to the beginning of the Name entry, otherwise there is no delineation from Institution and Name of award.  Another formatting inconsistency are the awards listed from past to lasted in edit mode, but reversed when viewed published.

Publication Formatting

Proposal Status: 

Formatting proposal:  To format publication entries to resemble similar format as PubMed's more closely, clearly delineating publication title, author, etc. with bold, and underlines.


Impact:  Allows easier gleaning of information (title and author) for consistent viewing from profiles to PubMed.

Education and Training Field

Proposal Status: 

Feature: Add fields similar to Honors and Awards, but for Education and Training.  Listing the following by dates:

Education and Training
Medical School
Medical License


Impact:  Shares education, training, degrees, experience with similar background.

Twitter Widget

Proposal Status: 

I think it'd be useful to add a widget for faculty and staff to share Twitter feeds through Profiles, especially folks who maintain and manage social media across the University.  Perhaps even a way to pull the information at UCSF centrally, a sort of Twitter hub using Profiles as the primary source of data.