2013 IT Innovation Contest

A team-based contest for creative IT solutions

Awarded Proposals

E*Value Efficiency Effort for Faculty Advancement Packets

Proposal Status: 
  1. Description of project: Develop a new process to save thousands of hours of work each year by automating the process of pulling required faculty evaluation data and delivering to a secure HR drive. Currently, each faculty member or their representative must manually extract this data from E*value.This will allow HR generalists to efficiently upload the required evaluations into Advance to support faculty appointments and advancement.  This is a pilot for the School of Medicine departments, with the future goal to invite other Schools to experience a reduction in their administrative burden as well. 

Application Access Management

Proposal Status: 

Project Desription:

For UCSF there are a significant number of enterprise web applications in use; currently, 84 are listed on the MyAccess site. For many of these applications, access administrators must manually assign access to individuals. Currently, there is no automated way to request access for an application.  The objective of this project is to create a uniform and centralized process for members of the UCSF community to request and grant access to many of the systems across the enterprise.


Develop Calendar Data API for UCSF Ilios Curriculum Management System

Proposal Status: 

Thank you for all the feedback and interest in our proposal. This version reflects updates as of 10-17-2-13. 


A student’s life is 24/7 and always on the go. Knowing where you have to be, when, and what you need to do before you get there is a key to success. Health professions students find themselves learning across five major campus sites and a multitude of smaller clinical settings, all the while still responsible for new learning.