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The Bridges Curriculum home on Open Proposals is the platform for all call for comments, project ideation, and innovation funds opportunities related to development of the Bridges Curriculum. Visit this site often for the latest opportunities to participate in this exciting transformation of health professions education. 

The US health care system costs over $2.5 trillion per year and still we rank 16th behind other wealthy nations in overall health. Medical schools have long claimed to train future leaders who will fix this broken system, yet things are slow to improve. This is because we fail to provide them with the skills to understand complex health care systems, navigate vast data networks, and work in truly collaborative teams.

The goal of the UCSF Bridges Curriculum is to better prepare physicians to contribute more than clinical expertise to the complex systems in which they work. Students, and the physicians they will become, need to collaboratively and continuously innovate to improve our health care and biomedical discovery systems.

To do this, Bridges will provide authentic workplace learning experiences that leverage the talents and commitment of our students to improve health today while sustaining these skills in future practice.