Caring Wisely FY 2023 Project Contest

Reduce/mitigate congestion in hallways to ensure quick access for patient beds

Proposal Status: 
  • PROPOSAL TITLE: Reduce/mitigate congestion in hallways to ensure quick access for patient beds
  • ABSTRACT - An updated hospital policy to help ensure routes and pathways are clear for surgical/transport teams when moving patients through the hospital.
  • TEAM - Medical and Engineering/Contractors
  • PROBLEM - Elevators 3 and 4 are currently the only elevators large enough to accomidate a hospital bed with patient and medical team.  If the medical staff are moving a patient from one location to another within the hospital, they may come across the engineering staff or contractor/s with an extended containment cart in the hallways leading up to and away from elevators 3 and 4.  This creates a pathway too narrow for the hospital bed to go through, and requires the engineers/contractors to hastily pack up and move the cart out of the way to allow passage for the bed and medical team.
  • TARGET -  Create a policy and proedure to mitigate the congestion of hallways when a medical team transport is being conducted.
  • GAPS - The hallways are physically too narrow to allow a containment cart as well as a hospital bed in the same location.
  • INTERVENTION - Proposal to create or amend policy for medical team to send a runner through the intended route that the proceeding medical team and patient will be taking.  This will give any staff with large obstructions in the way some heads up time to move equipment out of the way ahead of time and allow medical staff the opportunity to quickly and efficiently move to their intended destination. 
  • COST - $0
  • SUSTAINABILITY - The medical team charged with patient transport will be the key process owners of this policy.  
  • BUDGET - No additional funding is required.