Caring Wisely FY 2023 Project Contest

Chemotherapy video education modules

Proposal Status: 
  • PROPOSAL TITLE:  Video modules for Chemotherapy Teaching

ABSTRACT –To assemble chemotherapy video education modules that can be tailored to each patient. Topics would include chemotherapy medications, managing side effects and medication use, lifestyle changes, activity, nutrition and support. Patients can view the modules with family members or caregivers. The videos can be accessed as often as needed and can be done in increments suitable for each patient and at anytime.

  • TEAM – nurse education/triage for each oncology department
  • PROBLEM - time consuming for nurse teaching, insufficient staffing to meet triage needs in real time while many hours a week are used for one on one chemotherapy teaching.
  • TARGET -  goal is for consistent education with patients being prepared to start chemotherapy, not being delayed to start chemo due to no appts being available and for daily messages to be addressed timely
  • GAPS - different nurses provide better teaching, on call fill in staff can take longer to complete, does not allow patients to review all the information again as this is a one time appointment.
  • INTERVENTION - create videos on various topics
  • PROPOSED EHR MODIFICATIONS links to different videos for patients to access
  • COST -cost of creating videos, would not need to be updated as these would be standard teaching and management of common side effects, clinic may be able to have less fill in staff time on a day to day basis, appointments would not be cancelled if staff shortage, can keep up to the demand for patients who need chemotherapy teaching without delays, patients start chemotherapy better prepared, potentially better management of side effects, less calls to the clinic, decrease risks of needing emergency management care. 
  • SUSTAINABILITY -clinic manager and staff
  • BUDGET - creation of videos