Department of Medicine 2016 Tech Challenge

New Uses of Information Technology to Advance the Missions of the Department of Medicine

Discharge medication regimens made easier

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Co-authors: Michelle Mourad and Kara Bischoff


Adverse drug events are important preventable causes of hospitalization in older adults, however compliance with a complex medication regimen after discharge home is known to be challenging for patients and particularly for the elderly. 

Objective: The aim of this proposal is to use technology to create easy to use color-coded charts with medication lists in large characters and with pills’ photographs. Technology would also be used to send the medication list to the patient’s PCP.

Methods: Interface APeX with a patient information medication information database to create a patient centered medication list. Potential information not currently included in discharge medication lists would be: Pill description, indication for use (antibiotic, blood thinner, control diabetes, etc.) as well as the creation of a tailored medication schedule of what to take in the morning, afternoon, evening and bedtime. 

Outcomes evaluated: Impact on patient care would be evaluated using the current post-discharge phone call program already in place. Patients are currently asked whether they have any questions about their discharge medications and if they have filled their new prescriptions. Secondary outcomes would be all-cause readmissions and readmissions for medication adverse events. 


Wonderful and much-needed. 

Fantastic, patient-centered idea.  It would be great if the formatted medication list you create could also be displayed and printed by inpatient providers, who could use the list to review the medications with patients.  Do you envision that the list could be "routed" to primary care physicians through the current workflow?


Thank you for your comments. Yes, we can look into implementing your suggestions.

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