2013 IT Innovation Contest

A team-based contest for creative IT solutions

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Please see some FAQ and comment here to ask general, non proposal-specific questions and share the answers with other participants. See what other people ask about, discuss and learn.

You can also contact Courtney Anderson by email at courtney.anderson@ucsf.edu to discuss privately.


Does the project have to start after the proposal is accepted and be delivered in seven weeks or can it currently be in flight?
The project could be in flight, assuming that much of the work will be done during the contest period.

What if something happens during the seven weeks that causes the team to have to change?
This will need to be discussed on a case by case basis with the selection committee if this happens.

Can I be on more than one team? (multiple proposals)
That's OK because we don't yet know which teams are selected. If the same person happens to be on multiple selected teams, then she/he will need to verify that he/she has enough time to work on more than one project in the allotted time.

Can team members change on a team after the initial proposal is sent? Will we have until the final proposal has to be sent?

Does UCSF have people who could build a prototype with me?
We suggest posting your needs on the contest website and asking for interested team members.

Are emerita eligible?
Yes, they are.

Are teams able to utilize people outside of the UCSF community to complete proposals?
You can have external people but at least three of the team members have to be affiliated with UCSF (faculty, staff, postdocs, or students) and we will only pay those people.

Does the product have to benefit only UCSF, or can it have wider benefit potential?
The project needs to benefit at least 2,000 people anywhere on this planet.

Does this need to be a completely new idea or can it be an extension of an idea that is novel and meets the technology/2000 server count criteria?
It could be an extension assuming that much of the work will be done during the contest period.

Would my entry be considered intellectual property of UCSF or would ownership of the program/website remain mine?
The answer varies depending on the unique situation of each project and will be evaluated pursuant to UC policy. You can find the information on the website of the UCSF Office of Technology Management.

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