Department of Medicine 2016 Tech Challenge

New Uses of Information Technology to Advance the Missions of the Department of Medicine

Clinic/Academic Connection - Faculty Availability

Idea Status: 

There is a disconnect between the Academic and Clinic Patient Calendaring.

Currently Admin's don't have access to the Clinic Schedules and while some clinic schedulers have general access to faculty calendars, they cannot see up to minute changes in availability entered by Admins or Faculty.  

I'm suggesting a system that will:

  • Allow the Acamedic Assistant view and/or access to the Clinic Schedule
  • Allow the Clinic Scheduler, CRC's view and/or access to the Faculty Schedule


  • Have a shared calendaring system for the Admin and Clinic scheduler created that will assist clinic scheduler when trying to determine availability of Faculty outside of scheduled Clinic times and keep the Admin up to date as well.

Suggestion for the program: Precoded abbreviations for each scheduling notification (Example: OOO - Out of Office, OOC - Out of Country, PTO - Paid Time Off, CPA - Clinic Patient Appt, TEL- Conference Call, UCM - UCSF Meeting, OFM -Offsite Meeting, PER - Personal Time)


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