Department of Medicine 2016 Tech Challenge

New Uses of Information Technology to Advance the Missions of the Department of Medicine

Covering provider appointment notifications on APeX

Idea Status: 

We propose a notification system via the APeX staff message/ADT interface to give Resident Physician PCPs information regarding their patients' appointments with covering providers in DGIM. 

Background of the Proposal

  • The General Medicine Clinic at Mount Zion consists of 10 internal medicine (IM) resident and attending teams IM residents have, on average, 2-4 half day clinic sessions per month, meaning most patients assigned a resident PCP see other providers for acute appointments and, sometimes, follow up appointments.
  • APeX does not currently notify the IM resident PCP if one of her/his patients is scheduled with a covering DGIM provider.

 Proposed Change

  • Similar to the way PCPs receive Hospitalization notices from the ADT system, we propose alerting resident physician PCPs via an inbasket message when their patients are scheduled for a DGIM appointment.
  • This message would include metadata from the scheduling event including chief complaint and the time/date of upcoming appointment.
  • The IM resident PCP would be able to then message the covering MD about any background information or outstanding issues.


  • These acute appointment notifications will improve continuity of care between PCP and covering providers, reduce medical errors, and increase patient satisfaction

Potential Measurements to Test Effectiveness

  • Resident physicians within DGIM could be surveyed for the following responses:
  1. Awareness of the new functionality
  2. PCPs’ utilization of option to message covering providers
  3. If PCPs messaged a covering provider, the type of information provided in message
  4. Likert scale measuring effectiveness of provider to provider communication and the perceived impact on continuity of care

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