Department of Medicine 2016 Tech Challenge

New Uses of Information Technology to Advance the Missions of the Department of Medicine

Employee time tracking

Idea Status: 

Time is money and timesheets are an essential procedure to appropriately calculate the number of hours employees have worked. Accurate and updated timesheets are legal documents and essential for protection in the event of potential litigation  over unpaid wages or missed meal breaks. If there is an issue with
payroll, a timesheet will be needed to verify the employee’s hours.  Timesheets are your “evidence” in the event of litigation and provide  all parties with a written record that can be used to fairly resolve  wage disputes.Timesheets are necessary for tracking hours, and calculating overtime when it is due. The timesheet indicates the time the employee begins work; the time they go to lunch; the time they  return from lunch and the time they leave work.  In many cases, especially in the labs there is a failure to complete timesheets, which result is inefficiently run labs and % efforts towards work on a grant that cannot be monitored.  It would be good to have either a card reader in the lab to track the work hours or an app for a smart phone that will track the hours and record the GPS liocation.

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