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Awarded Proposals

UCSF Profiles and Salesforce Chatter at UCSF: the perfect complementary tools. Here’s the answer to: Why aren’t these 2 systems already integrated?

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Project Description:

Have you ever found a group of experts on UCSF Profiles that you wanted to bring into a conversation, but didn’t want to inundate with long email threads?  Have you ever found someone on UCSF Profiles who is doing work on a topic of interest and you wish you could “follow” them so you’d be notified automatically of any new publications they put out?


A Lab Exchange Drupal Module for UCSF

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DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT. Managing unique scientific research materials is a problem faced by almost all labs at UCSF.  In addition, sharing between labs is difficult since there is no common inventory system, or method of keeping potential collaborators up to date on the materials available among UCSF labs. Here we describe an easy solution for sharing lab resources among collaborating labs and larger networks.  In short, we will build a Drupal module that will allow scientists to communicate their sharable reagents. 

ZipRounds Mobile Client

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Description: ZipRounds (ZR), a Salesforce Chatter-based collaboration tool, revolutionizes in-hospital communication. ZR enables providers to send, receive & store patient-related messages in an easily searchable, indexable & retrievable way.

Disseminating UCSF research & connecting with disease communities via social media automation

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Synopsis: Develop a suite of datafeed-driven disease-specific UCSF Twitter feeds (e.g. @UCSFDiabetes) to promote and disseminate UCSF disease-specific research more widely and engage thousands of members of disease communities (patients, family members, students, funders, health care providers, policymakers). Apply social media outreach best practices to extend reach. Project builds on a successful demo, and is designed to be potentially scalable to dozens, perhaps hundreds, of disease areas, to support existing campus communications work in disease-specific communities.

Employee On-boarding - HR and IT Partner Initiative

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Goal: Streamline employee on-boarding process by establishing seamless and automated communication to IT support units within minutes of when new employee data has been entered into the HR OLPPS system. This is to enable quick turn around for providing access to UCSF and departmental IT resources. The aim is also to enable notification for when an employee is departing from the University so IT staff are able to proactively engage in following exit procedures such as recovering equipment, securing data and obtaining the signed Electronic Information Consent form.