Caring Wisely FY23 Project Contest - Full Proposal Phase

UCSF Health and the UCSF Center for Healthcare Value (CHV) sponsors awards of up to $50,000 for one year to faculty and staff for collaborative projects that can be implemented to reduce waste and lower health care costs while maintaining or improving health at UCSF Health, which consists of UCSF Medical Center, Benioff Children’s Hospital San Francisco, Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland, and the UCSF faculty practice group and ambulatory clinics.

We invite the submission of any proposal that improves healthcare value at UCSF Health. UCSF Health is also particularly interested in proposals that address value improvement opportunities in one of the below areas:

  • Improve Health Equity
  • Reduce Hospital Readmissions
  • Prevent Unnecessary Admissions
  • Improve Hospital Throughput and Reducing Excess Inpatient Bed Days
  • Improve Clinic Access
  • Reduce Hospital Acquired Conditions and Infections
  • Reduce Unnecessary Testing
  • Feb 22 - Mar 18 Project Contest Full Proposal Phase
    • Due to the Omicron COVID surge, the Letter of Intent phase was eliminated and the FY23 contest will start with the Full Proposal phase--as such all are invited to submit a full proposal
    • Projects with a projected direct cost savings of greater than $250,000 are more likely to be selected (click on the "Read important information about this forum" link on the home page to see more criteria for winning)
    • The Center for Healthcare Value will offer “Office Hours” to answer questions and provide guidance on cost analysis. Please email Jahan Fahimi ( to schedule a session
    • Build your core team and extended stakeholders interested in this problem
    • Browse proposals and comment to improve others' proposal
    • Review comments and provide additional information if necessary
  • Mar 21 - Mar 25: 1st Round Review
    • Proposal submissions are reviewed. Selected finalists will be invited to proceed to the Optimization Phase.
  • Mar 28 - Apr 15: 2nd Round Finalists Optimization Phase
    • 2nd Round Finalists announced on Fri, Mar 25
    • 2nd Round Finalists optimize their proposals
    • Continue to build teams for projects
    • Stay on top of comments, answer questions, and ask new ones!
    • 2nd Round Finalists will be asked to obtain sign off from the Executive Sponsor
  • Apr 25 - May 13: 2nd Round Review
    • Finalist proposals are reviewed.
  • May 16: FY23 Caring WiselyTM $50K Project Awards Announced
    • Winners will be announced on Mon, May 16
Implementation Phase


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