OpenSocial Gadget Contest

Adding new features to Profiles and/or VIVO

Awarded Proposals

External Collaborator tool.

Proposal Status: 

I would like to propose a tool for representing external collaboration among researchers.  An academic may collaborate with researchers at universities other than their own, or with researchers within industry. Currently these interactions are not represented within a single institution's Vivo or Profiles RNS instance. For example, Vivo and Profiles RNS typically display very few collaborations for a researcher new to an institution, even when the researcher is well-connected.

Highlight Selected Publications

Proposal Status: 

Function:  to be able to flag/select top 5-10 publications to showcase at the top, with the complete list included.

Example of what we did at the Dept of Radiology with Grants:

Highlighting selected chosen publications, while still maintaining complete list.


Rewarding a Profilee's External Media Presence/Q Score by Adding "Mention Mapper" or Profilee Rating

Proposal Status: 

One way to further engage the profilees and encourage their media (online and traditional) interaction: Might we add links to media "mention mappers", which quantify social (and other) media appearances, similar to how Q Scores rate familiarity levels of brands, companies and individuals? A good prototype is the Klout influence scoring model. In this way, we could reward profilees for their high "influence" scores in external, non-UCSF media.