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Adding new features to Profiles and/or VIVO


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The Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) at UCSF sponsored a competition for new feature ideas to accelerate research via research networking software products (e.g., Profiles or VIVO or other OpenSocial-enabled research networking tool).

Three winners have been selected and will receive a new iPad (3rd generation). In addition,

  • UCSF will build the feature, and donate it to the research community as free open source code, so you can install it at your institution (compatible with all versions of VIVO and Profiles that support OpenSocial)
  • The winning apps will be a featured download in the app library at Open Research Networking Gadgets (
  • Winners will have attribution in the software, and be recognized at applicable national conferences such as the annual CTSA Informatics meeting

Proposals (23 total)


Conference Recommendation

Proposal Status: 

1. Harvest "Research Raven" into structured form (this may require getting permission):

Microsoft Academic Research has this data but it seems limited to computer science.  PubsHub also mantains such data but it's proprietary.


2. Using keywords from a user's profile, match people to upcoming calls for papers at conferences. Sort into two categories: conferences to attend and conferences to submit to.

Harmonize Profiles Gadget

Proposal Status: 

A researcher may have a primary, home location, e.g., UCSF Profiles, where they've taken care to make sure their profile is accurate and complete.  The researcher may also have a secondary profile at another institution, at an independent research lab, at a hospital.  Duplicating and keeping an extensive profile containing many publications, grants, patents, etc. would be tedious -- in fact, so tedious that few people would devote the effort.


Identifying resourses as we type.

Proposal Status: 

I think we can do a good job at identification of resources as we feed new content on VIVO profile. I had this idea last year. For instance, a researcher would enter his description in VIVO and as he types, he would get suggestions on VIVO resources identified in his statements.


I developed a prototype last year :


I could have bugs in there but I guess it's good enough to convey the idea.