2013 IT Innovation Contest

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Want to Win $10k & Help Trans*folk out at UCSF? I seek 2-4 staff members to join my IT Innovation Contest Proposal – preferably an ITS person & an HR person, but we do need at least 2 (regardless of dept.) to submit the proposal.


Basically, it is a mapping project for University systems (LMS, BearBuy, etc.) to automatically pull preferred names instead of legal first names. This is an easy way for the University to be more trans-friendly, as many trans folk do not use their legal first name, but instead a preferred name. It also would solve a lot of confusion for people whose email or nickname are different than what is on their ID.

A full description of the proposal is here:  http://open-proposals.ucsf.edu/2013-itcontest/proposal/6128.

Email CJ.Frosch@ucsf.edu if you are interested in joining the team!

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