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Development of a Video Library to Enhance Intraprofessional Education and Practice

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The challenges of the health care system and clinical practice have increased significantly in complexity and there is a greater demand for all health care team members to be prepared to intervene and apply health care interventions daily.  Improved accessibility to innovative educational materials is particularly crucial to effectively support nursing practice at UCSF Medical Center.

UCSF School of Medicine Collaborative Syllabus

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Description of Project: The UCSF School of Medicine predominately uses comprehensive syllabi rather than textbooks for the first two pre-clinical years. These syllabi have developed significantly since their inception through major efforts from the faculty, but unfortunately student feedback has been difficult to effectively coordinate, analyze, and integrate.

Driving Quality and Safety through Gamification

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Hospital-acquired infections may account for nearly 100,000 deaths annually in the United States.  Many such complications may be reduced by increased awareness of risk factors and standardization of management practices— across all health care provider professions (e.g., nursing, physicians, and ancillary staff).  National patient safety initiatives are increasingly utilized by regulatory agencies, the insurance indsutry, and the public, to encourage hospitals to improve quality through performance in the respective associated safety metrics. 

UCSF Mac Imaging Solution

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Apple Macintosh computers make up approximately ⅓ of the desktops and laptops at UCSF, numbering between 5000-7500 devices.  With the introduction of the UC Berkeley – UCSF Joint Administrative Computing Standards (JACS) program, most UCSF Macs are standard configurations.  This standardization simplifies desktop support issues, but to fully realize the cost savings and efficiencies standards can bring we need a common imaging solution.

Research Collaboration Social Networking Pilot

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Many promising efforts to discover cures for disease involve collaborations span departmental, organizational, and disciplinary boundaries. These collaborations typically bring together researchers and assets from across academic research institutions, private institutes, industry partners, and medical centers. In the current economic climate, this increased focus on “partnering” is recognized as a winning business strategy for many companies and universities.


An Apple App To Help Patients And Their Families Deal With Neurofibromatosis

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  Neurofibromatosis (NF), which includes NF1 and NF2, is the most common genetic mutation and affects about 1 in 3,500 people.  Its phenotpyic expression is protean and can involve the brain, spine, peripheral nerves, skin, bones, eyes, GI system, and a variety of other tissues and organs to varying degrees from mild to life-threatening.  Clinical symptoms can include pain, weakness, numbness, hearing and visual loss, changes in GI function, abnormalities in bone growth, to mention the most common.

the Paper Link for PubMed

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This is a browser extension, a web app, also a mobile app!

-- built based on eUtils and related APIs of various web sites; Fast, Light & Mobile Friendly


#### Targeted User ####

The project targets to anyone frequently uses PubMed. It presents all the information to the users in one place, in real time, to help the users to save their valuable time.


#### Aims ####