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Where's the Shuttle

Proposal Status: 

While there are apps to show the shuttle schedule and maps to show where a few
of the shuttles are on maps, there is no useful resource that allows someone
waiting in front of a shuttle stop to really know when the next shuttle will
come or will come at all (just kidding).

Current technology has proven that this is a solvable problem and this app
will allow thousands of shuttle users to gain extra time and not have to
wait for the shuttle and even more importantly, not miss an early shuttle.

Mouse - Mouse Room Data Collection App

Proposal Status: 

UCSF has a very large population of mice and many hours are spent by
research groups tracking their colonies. Currently, mouse room data
is collected in a variety of ways (by paper, having to use a computer
that is across the room, laptops) none of which is very efficient.

While their is a need for an enterprise solution to mouse room
management, allowing users to use their cellphones, ipod touches,
ipads, etc. to capture the data into a database directly will help
with this front end process.

UCync - UCSF Collaborative File sharing 2.0

Proposal Status: 

Our goal is to integrate & leverage existing UCSF resources to change (for the better) how our community interacts with its data thereby bringing file sharing and collaboration @UCSF to the future all while minimizing risk exposure.


Existing Resources

Content Creators: Highly innovative, mobile and collaborative Faculty, Staff and PI’s


Storage: UCSF Private Cloud – 654 Minn Data Center: most community members are provided with a:

Mobile training to enhance human attention

Proposal Status: 


Attention is a fundamental component process of virtually all aspects of human cognition. The ability to manage the barrage of sensory inputs that we encounter in the world is what allows us to engage in complex, goal-directed behavior. Deficits in attentional control are a core aspect of almost all neurological disorders and are increasingly prevalent in patients suffering from traumatic brain injury.

Videos of Surgical Procedures for Medical Student and Resident Training

Proposal Status: 

We propose the production of a few high quality videos of high-volume procedures in the area of plastic and reconstructive surgery. We plan to use three GoPro HD Hero2 Professional ( with the included head straps for recording 5 surgical procedures from three different points of views, the primary surgeon, assisting surgeon, and medical student. The videos will then be edited and dialogue added to walk the viewer through these procedures.

UCSF IDMP (Infectious Disease Management Program) App

Proposal Status: 

Description of the project: The timely initiation of appropriate antibiotics is critical both for individual patient outcomes and institutional goals of reducing antibiotic resistance, shortening hospital stays, and complying with pneumonia and sepsis core measures. However, the correct antibiotic choice for the same indication varies depending on local resistance patterns and hospital formularies, making it challenging to identify the ideal antibiotic in a given circumstance.

Facebook Like service for UCSF Enterprise

Proposal Status: 


Develop a Facebook-like program for UCSF staff, faculty, researchers, post docs, students & affiliates where the site is searchable and displays photos of everyone and their specialties where liniks to their project sites is feasible. A chat and IM feature could be integrated.


 Posted  ALL UCSF community with photos (uploardable), links to expertise, research and projects/grants, searchable and queries for specialties and groups. Chat and IM features as well as email and comments on their walls.