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Accountability Tool for Tenured Faculty in the Graduate Division at UCSF

Proposal Status: 

Tenured faculty members in the Graduate Division at UCSF (biophysics, tetrad, etc.) run labs consisting of graduate students and postdoctoral scholars. However, these tenured faculty members are not held to task in their mentoring responsibilities and very talented students sometimes slip through the cracks. Faculty members are typically chosen by their ability to do great science and not on their ability to run functional well-balanced labs.


PandO DB - SFGH Pain and OB Patients Database Application

Proposal Status: 

The Pain and Obestetric Anesthesia Database (PandO DB) is a project of the Dept. of Anesthesia at SFGH to facilitate the management of block patients, pain patients and laboring patients at SFGH.

At SFGH we perform up to 50 regional anesthesia cases per week, both single shot and continuous nerve blocks. Additionally, we place epidural catheters for surgical as well as for laboring patients. All these cases patients need proper documentation and follow up.

What’s challenging about this is that the patients are seen by several different anesthesia providers. Our shift changes twice every day, and the patients are seen by different attendings and residents.

We are currently keeping track of the patients and the interventions by using multiple paper forms. It is difficult to ensure that all the relevant information is passed on, and that the anesthesia residents have access to the relevant information when they are paged. Additionally, we face potential PHI issues with paper notes, and we cannot analyze the data for quality assurance.


  • Replace current pain & OB cards to avoid PHI problems and improve i
  • Collect data for quality assurance
  • Facilitate follow-up by OB/Pain service and for in-house single-shot blocks
  • Optimize handover between providers
  • Replace current pain service forms
  • Hold all relevant data in terms of medical information, legal information and billing
  • Collect data to allow comparison with national and international pain benchmarks
  • Physically based on a secure server (HIPAA compliant) with regular backups and high availability
  • Web-based user interface, scalable for mobile devices (e.g. iPad, iPhone) and PCs
  • Compliant with HIPAA, JCHO, Pharmacy policies, MERP requirements
  • Allow export for further analysis
  • User authentication