2013 CTSI Annual Pilot Awards to Improve the Conduct of Research

To facilitate the development, conduct or analysis of clinical & translational research

Proposals on Community Policies And Practices

Sharing Success - Making Open Proposals Self-Serve and Open Source

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Abstract. Develop an open source edition of the UCSF Open Proposals software suitable for deployment at external institutions. This will make UCSF's version easier to host and manage, enable other CTSAs to benefit from UCSF's work, and help establish UCSF's thought leadership in the field.

Advocacy Impact on Research Agendas

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RATIONALE: Realizing that the benefits of the current revolution in biology and oncology would be enhanced by vigorous public support, for the past twenty years, the UCSF Breast Oncology Program (BOP) has implemented comprehensive strategies focused on leveraging advocacy engagements.

Biobank Inventory Software Evaluation

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Biobanking Inventory Software Evaluation

Rationale:  Access to high quality human biospecimens and associated clinical data is essential to translational and clinical research programs.  Effective and efficient use of human biospecimens is an important tenet of our role as community-entrusted stewards of these valuable resources.   These points are reflective of the conclusions of the CTSI funded (2008-9) Tissue Task Force that engaged Huron Consulting as well as a recent 2011 audit of UCSF tissue banks by UCSF Audit Services. 

Governance of Extant UC Biorepositories

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Rationale:  Each UC Biomedical campus contains tens to hundreds of biorepositories. These operations collect human biological samples (tissues and fluids) and associated data for use in research. UC biobanks traditionally have established their own governance structure, which includes rules for accessing, storing and sharing samples/data, including informed consent practices.  Governance, a complicated process, has myriad ethical implications including risk to individuals, identifiability, and data sharing.

MicroPub, A Publication Platform for Short Replication Studies

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1.    Rationale Modern basic science rewards large papers in highly cited journals.  However, it is difficult for translational and clinical researchers to assess the quality of a basic science paper.  A proxy is the number of citations, but that is a very inaccurate measure; some papers that cannot be replicated have hundreds of citations.  Given the lack of safeguards ensuring publication quality, the intense competition to produce high profile publications incentivizes publication bias (i.e.