2013 CTSI Annual Pilot Awards to Improve the Conduct of Research

To facilitate the development, conduct or analysis of clinical & translational research

Review Complete Proposals

Testing new Web-based software for increasing the speed of knowledge creation from translational and inter-disciplinary projects.

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NB: This Pilot proposal deals with several completely new ideas and related terminology.  To obtain explanations of these new ideas and terminology, please use the inserted Links to jump to WebSites, for descriptive information, and examples. 

Building a Searchable Online Library of Template/Example Language for Grant Proposals

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Rationale: One major hurdle faculty face in preparing grant proposals is in the drafting of the non-scientific components—that is, the Resource & Facilities, Resource Sharing Plan, biosketch personal statements, letters of support, and other regulatory sections (e.g., human subjects and vertebrate animals); this is especially true in the preparation of complex, multi-investigator and multi-institutional, Center-type grant proposals.

Development of an Inter-departmental Shared Research Assistant Support Program for Translational Research

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Rationale: This proposal is based on two premises: First, it is well known that consecutive sampling is preferable to convenience sampling for essentially all prospective enrollment studies. One of the greatest obstacles to implementation of consecutive patient sampling, however, is the need to have 24/7 research assistant (RA) support for patient identification, enrollment, and data collection. Payment for RA support thereby commonly consumes over half of grant budgets for prospective studies, often rendering potentially meaningful studies impractical.