2013 IT Innovation Contest

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Enabling Citrix application for Ipads

Proposal Status: 


a. Description: Currently, UCSF has enabled Ipad users to access patient data through a portal that is difficult to navigate.  This program is called Apex Canton.

However, Citrix is the prefered portal to navigate and record patient information by all healthcare professionals.  It has been already developed as the main gateway by some departments in UCSF.  It is made available to the nursing department, but not many physicians, whom most need access to patient data. 

This project aims to standardize the Citrix portal so that it is uniformly available to all attending physicians in all departments in a HIPAA- compliant manner.   


b. Deliverables:  The Citrix application is free and available for download in the Apple App store.


c. Impact on UCSF's mission:  it would upgrade the availability to health information technology to a superior format and enhance patient care.  Having a functional Ipad can facilitate rounds and communication between physicians in all fields.

d. List of team members:  I would like to request assistance from team members whom have expertise in this area.  Most desirable would be those whom have already worked with Citrix applications in other departments.


e. each team member would devote a minimum of 10 hours a month.  This is an initial estimate.

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