2013 IT Innovation Contest

A team-based contest for creative IT solutions

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WAIT-INFO: A system to automatically send “current waiting-time” updates to our patients via SMS

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I. SUMMARY: Let’s leverage APEX and text messaging technologies to automatically reduce the anxiety and burden on patients and their caregivers currently caused by long waiting room time uncertainty!  

Mobile App to Extend our Clinical Care: BabyHeartTrak Mobile App

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Description of Project

We envision a smartphone app that facilitates collection of basic health data from congenital heart patients, allowing accurate monitoring and follow up and leading to reduced morbidity and mortality.

Infants with congenital heart conditions suffer from high rates of mortality after they leave the hospital. Phone-based home monitoring programs began 10 years ago and have decreased mortality.

UCSF-led UC collaborative for patient education: “Women-to-women series”: Women’s Health for Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

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UCSF-led UC collaborative for patient education

"Women-to-women series": Women’s Health for Patients with Multiple Sclerosis


the Paper Link for PubMed

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This is a browser extension, a web app, also a mobile app!

-- built based on eUtils and related APIs of various web sites; Fast, Light & Mobile Friendly


#### Targeted User ####

The project targets to anyone frequently uses PubMed. It presents all the information to the users in one place, in real time, to help the users to save their valuable time.


#### Aims ####

* Direct access the PDF link of the related articles, on PubMed pages and any webpage with DOI/PMID/PMCID

Enabling Citrix application for Ipads

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a. Description: Currently, UCSF has enabled Ipad users to access patient data through a portal that is difficult to navigate.  This program is called Apex Canton.

However, Citrix is the prefered portal to navigate and record patient information by all healthcare professionals.  It has been already developed as the main gateway by some departments in UCSF.  It is made available to the nursing department, but not many physicians, whom most need access to patient data. 

UCSF Peer Recognition Program

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In the results from the recent UCSF Employee Engagement Gallup poll, "Recognition" received the 2nd lowest score of all engagement measures (lowest was having a "Best Friend" at work).  Current recognition programs have not been effective and do little to motivate and encourage employees.  Peer recognition programs give employees the power to reward one another for doing an amazing job.  Peer recognition programs are more effective because employees themselves know who works hard and deserves recognition, since management can’t be everywhere all the time and may not be connected enough to a

What's in a Name? - "Preferred Name" Auto Grab

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UCSF advertises itself as a LGBT-friendly employer and supports that claim with a diversity center, LGBT-inclusive healthcare benefits, and more. The University even has a "preferred name" column in the electronic HR files, which is great for transgender members who do not have the ability or readiness to change their first legal name, and also serves useful for when there are more than 2 University members with the same name, as well as when University members known by nicknames.