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Another link on Care Links -- titled "The Updates"

Proposal Status: 

I've worked at UCSF Medical Center for 1 year, UCSF Benioff's Children's Hospital for 6 years.  Prior and post hire, I volunteered on 12 Long, 10 ICC, and the Emergency Department.


The consensus I see a need for, from all experiences is the need for another link on Care Links called "The Updates".  What is The Updates?  The updates is a one-stop-go-to-link for ALL pending and implemented policy, procedural and other working unit flow changes, form changes, procedural changes or issues. 


The consenses from ALL employees across the board is that when changes happen at UCSF, they are not implemented in a streamlined manner.  They are implemented in a hit or miss manner where some people know of the changes and others don't.  When changes are sent by email, people delete emails, forget to read them, or never receive them or say they've never received them.  It's been an ongoing issue with an attitude that frustrates all and an unnecessary feeling of helplessness on all fronts that is needless. 


The link should be organized by department and unit.  It should be a blog format for any staff that has a valid employee ID # to be able to post updates on it pertaining to their topic of knowledge on the subject.  Department managers should have a special access to be able to delete any posts from their unit if they feel the posts contain inaccurate information or are inappropriate. 


Having this on a dedicated link makes it easy to find...not a long, time-consuming hunt for an old email that may or may not have been since updated.


We are a big institution.  With big institutions, the details often get lost or replaced rapidly.  If we are to be an efficient institution, following the money being spent on the Operational Excellence Committee, then this link will be an added tool to help support that mission and lessen the frustration of ALL employees that work at UCSF and its affiliates.


Please seriously consider this suggestion and improve upon it.

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