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Cycle Closure - FY22-23

Thank you to all who participated in the FY22-23 cycle. The proposals were compelling and addressed a variety of priority health topics. This cycle is closed, and applicants were notified of the results. Two proposals were funded: 1) $450,000 over three years was awarded for “Building and Sustaining Community Partnerships to Advance Integrative Health Equity,” UCSF PI: Dr. Maria Chao (UCSF Osher Center), in collaboration with On Lok, Shanti Project, and SF Health Network; and 2) $450,000 over three years was awarded for “Clinical and Educational Partnership to Improve Care for Children with Special Health Care Needs,” UCSF PIs: Drs. Dylan Chan (UCSF OHNS) and Jennifer Albon (UCSF Pediatrics), in collaboration with SF Unified School District.


Community + UCSF Mount Zion Awards address unmet health-related needs in San Francisco by supporting projects that originate at, connect with, or relate to the UCSF Mount Zion Campus. 

There are two types of award mechanisms: 

  • One-year grants of up to $75,000 for proof-of-concept projects for MZ Campus-based, healthcare-related work in the community. These projects do not require an existing community partner, but the intent is to support work that will build toward meaningful engagement with community partners. 

  • Single- or multi-year grants of up to $150,000 per year (maximum of three years) for collaborative projects between Mount Zion Campus-based health professionals and one or more community partners.

For these proposals, community partners are defined as local nonprofit or municipal agencies that provide services for underserved communities in San Francisco.

Phase 2: Full Proposal Development

If invited to continue to Full Proposal Development (Phase 2, beginning October 22), you will be asked to provide the following additional information :

  1. Specific aims

  2. Anticipated benefit for underserved or vulnerable communities in San Francisco

  3. How the project addresses UCSF Mount Zion priorities and compelling San Francisco healthcare needs

  4. Type and duration of campus-community partnership, if applicable

  5. How the community partner's experience and expertise was integrated into proposal development

  6. For each community partner (if applicable):

    • Current year total budget (specify budget dates), with line item breakdown of revenue and expenses and staff FTE commitments
    • IRS determination verifying 501(c)(3) status (only required if not previously funded by MZHF)
    • List of Board of Directors 

7. Total proposed project budget with justification:

  • Requested grant period

  • Line-item breakdown of revenue and expenses, including individual project team members' percent effort

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  • October 1 - October 21, 2022: Proposal Concept Submission (Phase 1)
  • October 22 - November 30, 2022: Optimization/Full Proposal Submission (Phase 2) - By Invitation

Latest Announcement

December 1: Review Stage for Full Proposals Begins

The MZHF Community + UCSF Mount Zion Awards Review Committee is in the process of assessing the applications submitted by the November 30 deadline. After we have completed the review of full proposals and the funding decisions have been made, we will contact all applicants by email to share the outcomes. 

Proposal Concept: Length = 1-2 pages (7 total)

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FIRE AT DGIM (Food Insecurity Reduction Efforts at DGIM for Staff and Residents

Proposal Concept: Length = 1-2 page Status: 

Food insecurity rates have been increasing in the last two decades and this has been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic (Srinivasan 2021). For example, 50% of SF Food Bank clients did not use food programs before the pandemic (SF Food Security Task Force, 2022). Fortunately, food programs for patients are on the rise (De Marchis 2019).

Pediatric Food Pharmacy

Proposal Concept: Length = 1-2 page Status: 

In 2019, members of the Department of General Internal Medicine (DGIM) started a Food Pharmacy for general medicine patients with food insecurity. Pediatric residents from the General Pediatric Practice (GPP) at Mt. Zion heard about this program in 2021. They conducted a survey of 150 of their patients and found that nearly 20% rate had food insecurity. In March 2021, pediatric resident Priya Pathak contacted Dr. Moreno-John about starting a food program for their patients.

Implementation of a Structured Exercise Program for Oncology Patients

Proposal Concept: Length = 1-2 page Status: 
  1. Applicant/s name; title; UCSF Mount Zion academic affiliation; Community Partner affiliation (if applicable)

Applicant: Dr. Shannon Fogh, Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology 

Community Partner: Maple Tree Cancer Alliance

 Project Title: Implementation of a Structured Exercise Program for Oncology Patients

List of Goals:

Developing a Community + UCSF Mount Zion Inaugural Climate, Health, and Equity Community Action Partnership

Proposal Concept: Length = 1-2 page Status: 

List of goals and specific aims: Climate policies and solutions are too often implemented in silos, without health and equity as key considerations, and without fully and equitably engaging communities whose lived experience needs to be incorporated into effective solutions. The proposed initiative will begin to address these issues by forging a model community-academic partnership to protect some of San Francisco’s communities that are most systemically vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change on health.

Poetic Medicine for Health, Dignity & Social Justice

Proposal Concept: Length = 1-2 page Status: 

In the setting of a toxic mix of pressing healthcare needs, poverty, and structural social injustice, the UCSF/Mount Zion MERI Center for Education in Palliative Care and Glide Memorial Church will collaborate to build, operate, and sustain a Poetic Medicine program to promote health and dignity for members of the San Francisco Tenderloin Community, to foster resiliency for the Glide volunteers, congregants, and staff who serve this community, as well as to encourage interest and compassion among UCSF pre-professional learners for working with BIPOC communities.


Clinical and Educational Partnership to Improve Care for Children with Special Health-Care Needs

Proposal Concept: Length = 1-2 page Status: 

In this project, UCSF Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery and Primary-Care Pediatrics will partner with San Francisco Unified School District to develop a robust program to share information, communicate, and collaborate to improve coordinated care for children with special health-care needs.