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UCSF Email Addresses Upon Arrival for New Hires

Proposal Status: 
  1. Description of project:

This project is a pilot to automatically issue an ‘ucsf.edu’ email address and mailbox for new employees so that email is ready upon the new hire's arrival, along with a listing in the Global Directory/Campus Locator System (CLS) and Active Directory connectivity.  The goal is to reduce the administrative steps and improve the new hire experience around this critical aspect of employment.

  1. Deliverables: 
    1. Domain login, Email address and CLS listing available by 8am on the employee’s first day, based on either the  new hire status or the affiliate titles specifically associated with pre-hire (NEWEMP, ACADAP, POSTMD).  The format would be first.last@ucsf.edu, with additional numeral added if an address already exists.  This is the same format that students already receive.  (Note: The CLS listing is being provided by the IT service desk as part of an earlier project to support departments and compliance training.)
    2. Notification of the new account would be emailed to the supervisor, who would notify the employee on their first day.  All new hires should have a supervisor indicated on the new hire HR ticket, backup would be the Business Officer role for the department from the Department Role Table.
    3. Communication plan within the pilot department.
  2. Impact on UCSF's mission and/or community:   
    1. This pilot project will eventually allow 2,341 supervisors (minimum) to have new employees be productive upon arrival.  Approximately 3,000 new employees per year would avoid the historic delay or issues experienced due to a manual account request system.  
    2. The initial pilot group is the ITS organization, with the design and scalability to support the UCSF enterprise in the future.
    3. IT, HR, and departmental resources are freed from the email, phone call, and service request back-and-forth communications that are currently required for every account.
    4. Specific needs for no email or a different domain could be accommodated by submitting a request, which is the same effort required under the current system.
    5. Having an 'ucsf.edu' email removes the following current issues:
  • Movement of individuals between departments/units results in additional email addresses, and confusion.
  • Reliance on difficult to support custom software to provide guidance during the manual provisioning of the email account.
  • Adds the following value:
    • A department or other organizational move by an individual does not affect their assigned email address.
    • Much simpler account provisioning logic, leading to faster turnaround times, and more opportunities for automation.
    • Moves to an industry standard of an organization having the same email domain.
    • Uninterrupted delivery of mail to all legacy addresses
    • Consistent use of the ucsf.edu domain will greatly improve the process of integrating with systems that use email as the unique identifier.

  • List of team members, their roles, estimated time devoted
  • Team Member


    Estimated Time Devoted

    Vincent Ma, Sr. System Administrator

    Active Directory and Exchange Developer


    Mukesh Yadav, Identity Mgmt Technical Lead. 



    Elliot Kendall, IAM Engineer



    Susan Sall, Director, HR Service Center A

    HR Project Coordinator


    Andres Mattes, Identity Management



    Mark Day, Deputy Dir of Systems

    Executive Sponsor

    In Kind

    Kevin Dale, Sr Manager, Identity Management

    Executive Sponsor

    In Kind

    Kraig Kluba, Virtual Hosting, Exchange, and Active Directory

    Executive Sponsor

    In Kind

    Jason Lin, Service Now

    Executive Sponsor

    In Kind

    Brian Auerbach, OB/Gyn

    Department Representative

    In Kind


    This is a critical initiative.  I was involved in a similar initiative years ago at Scripps Health and it was implemented with huge success.  As a department manager, I strongly endorse this proposal.

    As a Dept manager, I wholeheartedly endorse this project.  Waiting for ones email after arrival is frustrating for the new employee, their supervisor, and anyone that is expected to communicate with the new employee. 

    The Dept name in the domain will need to be addressed but it appears that a Dept has the option to maintain their name in the domain by submitting a request.

    This is a great idea, and should extend to our interim staffing services.  We have had trouble getting temporary staff coming in for positions without e-mail addresses.  Even if the lag time is just a few days, this impacts the person's ability to do the job, as we are not able to share e-mail login information, and the doctors need to delegate staff to assist them.  I think this idea is a great one - I look forward to appreciating it soon!

    I fully support this initiative as this takes UCSF one step closer to giving new employees ‘all’ the tools they need to be fully functional the first day on the job.  This initiative also improves UCSF's image in being organized, prepared and supportive of new faculty and staff. 

    I fully support this project.  It will cut down on staff down time and it will make a positive impression of the University's administrative systems on new hires.

    The concept is great and past-due!!!  Question: How do we then merge the non-ucsf.edu emails once they are available? 

    This project only focuses on a process for new hires going forward and wouldn't affect emails that are currently in place.  Let me know if that didn't fully answer your question. 

    I support this initiative as it will help productivity by allowing employees access to other University systems and will promote a more seamless onboarding experience.

    This would help new employees become productive on their first day of work and would benefit both the Department and the employee.

    A great idea that will solve that awkward period of waiting when people first start.

    Critical to maintain efficiency in the new hire process.  So much needs to be communicated via email in those first few days and not having an encrypted email account to begin with is a security issue.

    Yes! This seems like an obvious win for everyone.

    As a lab manager this is critical for our lab employees- full or part time This needs to be linked with getting their EIN on or before their start date so that they can do the mandatory online safety training on their first day

    This is an idea long overdue.  It will enhance the work experience for new employees, and increase productivity and professionalism for the University. It's quite embarassing to have to tell a new employee they won't have an e-mail account established for a week or more just because "that's how long it takes here."  It's frustrating for new employees who are here and ready to work, but unable to do so without something as simple as an e-mail account.



    I would further add that this process should be automated at the HR Service Center level, meaning, once the offer letter is signed, then HR proceeds automatically in requesting an ucsf.edu email address as well as requsting access to the "MyAccess" portal as employees will also have to have access to many systems in order to fully function.

    Absolutely agree with the proposal and the suggestions above!

    This project would do the request automatically, so no department or HR request for an email account would be necessary.  I'll need to verify with the IT team members about the "My Access" piece.  Thanks for your reply!

    Just want to let you know that a new person can activate his/her MyAccess account by using the email address once they have it. 

    As a department manager, I also support this proposal, will significantly help our new staff and faculty to feel more welcome and more engaged with UCSF.  I agree with comments above that it should occur once offer letter is signed. 

    I had reached out to others I have worked with, and the following people also provided their support in a separate email:  Keith Yamamoto, Ron Arenson, David Julius, Allan Basbaum, Stephen McLeod, and Jacque Duncan.

    I support this initiative.  It is critical that new employees are able to send and receive emails from a UCSF email the day they begin.   In the Neurology Education Division, we need to deal with sensitive issues on the spot.  This would allow a new employee to begin sending and receiving critical information from day one. 

    (submitted on behalf of MQ) That would be great. It’s one of the things we have to chase down. But we also need to let them know we have our standard @pharmacy.ucsf.edu.

    Selected feedback from Reviewers:

    This would have to be limited to Campus only (not Medical Center), committee sees this as a larger project.

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