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UCync - UCSF Collaborative File sharing 2.0

Proposal Status: 

Our goal is to integrate & leverage existing UCSF resources to change (for the better) how our community interacts with its data thereby bringing file sharing and collaboration @UCSF to the future all while minimizing risk exposure.


Existing Resources

Content Creators: Highly innovative, mobile and collaborative Faculty, Staff and PI’s


Storage: UCSF Private Cloud – 654 Minn Data Center: most community members are provided with a:

  • Personal Drive – only they have access
  • Shared Drive – ideally used for lab/group/division or project specific collaboration
  • Department Drive – open to everyone within the department
  • UCync Drive – Proposed addition to file structure

Authentication/Provisioning: SalesForce Chatter (via myAccess): already has ability to share files with

  • Groups
  • Individuals
  • External Customers


  1. Peace of mind
  2. Less frustrating collaborative file sharing experience
  3. Secure store (possibly HIPAA compliant?!?)
  4. Desktop/mobile client and web interface that will allow Data to be:
    1. Brought and accessed anywhere
    2. Shared easily with colleagues, labs, groups, units, departments
  1.                                                                i.      Sitting in the next cubical or Zimbabwe
  2.                                                              ii.      Single files or entire folders
  3.                                                                i.      Version control based on timestamp?!?
    1. Auto-synchronized across your devices
    1. Safely stored within the UCSF Private Cloud
    2. Aligned/compliant with UCSF’s Security and Policies on Data Sharing

Impact on UCSF's mission and/or community

  1. Greater Ability to Advance healthcare worldwide by Facilitating and Simplifying Collaboration:
    1. Across UCSF Departments
    2. Across UC’s
    3. Across other Research Institutions
    4. Across the globe
    5. Reduction in risk exposure based on third party data breaches
    6. Hardware Agnostic work environment
      1. Files are the same no matter where you’re accessing them
    7. Mobility & Flexibility
      1. Productivity is no longer tied to 1 specific computer or location
    8. Minimal downtime when you spill coffee/water/wine on your primary workstation/device
      1. Mission critical files and data are NEVER lost
    9. Reduction in Administration overhead of managing access: Users will self-administer & provision access to their data

Team Members: their Roles & Effort

  1. Andres Elenes: subject matter expert, technologist (15-20% effort)
  2. Raymond Cheung: SME; Technologist (15% effort)
  3. Daniel Sotto: SME; Technologist (15% effort)
  4. Patrick Phelan: Security & Policy (5% effort)
  5. Jonathan Prugh: Interaction Design/User Experience; technologist (15-20% effort)
  6. Sales force Developer to be named later?!?  (15-20% effort)


This is definitely needed at UCSF, especially if HIPAA compliant. There is another project that has similar goals: ... perhaps merging of the two proposals or collaboration?

I agree that there needs to be a standard for file sharing on campus and to external entitities. In my role as campus coordinator for California Public Records Act requests, I can envision a significant benefit as an alternative to email,ftp portals and shared drives. I also agree that HIPAA compliance and institutional, mandated, and industry security requirements are imperative. Thank you for your efforts toward this endeavor!

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