Eureka Build-a-thon

The Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics (DEB) Digital Health Initiative, Eureka Research Platform, and CTSI are sponsoring an opportunity for a select number of UCSF research teams to join a one-day event to build their studies in the Eureka Research Platform. Eureka is a digital platform for conducting clinical studies, built by researchers at UCSF, that has been successfully used to conduct dozens of research studies. UCSF research teams will submit their proposals using Open Proposals. A panel of reviewers will select the top applications for proceeding to the Build-a-thon event.

Teams selected for the Build-a-thon will all have the opportunity to build a basic Eureka study. The winning team will receive one year of complimentary Eureka maintenance for their study. Other teams can receive a discounted rate for Eureka maintenance fees for the studies that are built at the Build-a-thon.

  • August 14 - September 15: Open Submission & Open Improvement
    • Proposal submissions due by Fri., September 15, 2023
    • During this time, project teams should:
      • Submit their proposal.
      • Identify core team members to attend Build-a-thon.
    • To maximize benefits of Open Improvement, teams should aim to submit as early as possible.


    • After submission, project teams should:
      • Submit your Eureka intake form with more detailed specifications
      • Optimize your proposal
        • Browse proposals and comment to improve others' proposals.
        • Stay on top of OpenProposal comments, answer questions, and ask new ones!
      • Continue to build your core team and extended stakeholders interested in this project.
  • September 18-27: Reviewers meet to select projects
  • September 29: Project PI’s are notified
    • Highest ranked projects will be notified on Fri, September 29, 2023
  • October 27: Eureka Build-a-thon
    • Research teams will convene at UCSF Mission Bay Campus to build their studies with support from the Eureka team and compete to win one year of complimentary study maintenance on Fri, October 27, 2023
Implementation Phase

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Proposal Status: 

B. Shoshana Zha, MD PhD

TEAM LEADER CONTACT:, #540-454-2779

Natalie Stumpf, MD, PGY-2
Jeff Tarnow, RCP—role: construction of form of the intervention
Vickie Jue, Pharm D—role: construction of form of the intervention
Isabella Cheng—role: construction of form of the intervention

Health and Life Study of Afghan Refugees in California, Using an online RDS platform

  • TEAM LEADER Ali Mirzazadeh MD MPD PhD, Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, University of California San Francisco.
  • TEAM LEADER CONTACT - 4158664234

1-    Seyed Sina Neshat MD, Postdoc Researcher, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, University of California San Francisco.


Primary Author: Alexis Beatty


(UCSF PI Status) – Alexis Beatty

TEAM LEADER CONTACT (Email & Phone Number) 857-383-8262

TEAM MEMBERS (Teams are highly encouraged to have a non-researcher stakeholder)

Alisa Boyd

Crystal Loucel

Frances Wu

Ivan Leung

Jaya Mallidi

Niharika Dixit

Rae Oanesa

Sithu Win