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Development of a Video Library to Enhance Intraprofessional Education and Practice

Proposal Status: 

The challenges of the health care system and clinical practice have increased significantly in complexity and there is a greater demand for all health care team members to be prepared to intervene and apply health care interventions daily.  Improved accessibility to innovative educational materials is particularly crucial to effectively support nursing practice at UCSF Medical Center. Video media is a potentially valuable tool that can be utilized to support nursing education and practice hospital-wide.  Creating short video clips of standardized interventions would serve to provide continuous reinforcement of procedures and assist in standardizing clinical practice.  The ultimate goal is to improve the quality of patient care and prevent hospital-acquired infections through active utilization of this video library.  For example, all nurses will be able to actively review the recommended methodology for changing a central line dressing which will support standardization of care and minimize the risk of catheter-associated infection.  All members of the health care team can use this video resource to review procedures and/or clarify possible misinterpretation of the written policy by examining the procedures.  Given the technologically advanced, fast-paced clinical environment, video learning is aligned with the current expectations of nurses’ work flow.  Watching a video clip will be more time-efficient than reading an extensive written procedure to support clinical practice. The videos can also act as a primary resource for education for new graduate nurses and physician trainees who are comfortable with multimedia education commonly used in nursing and medical schools. By offering audio, visual, and written modes of education, the videos would accommodate diverse learning styles of the audience. Dissemination of new and revised procedures would also be expedited, since the audience will more readily watch a short video versus read through an extensive written policy.  The video will serve as an adjunct to the text, and a link will be placed at the end of the written policy to encourage referencing the policy as needed.


Future expansion of the project could include expanding the access of these video resources to a mobile device application and/or to the public as a community resource. Videos can also be created or modified to educate patients and families, which would be an invaluable resource in comparison to potentially unreliable resources found on the public domain. These videos can also serve as a vehicle to enhance relationships with patients at UCSF and referring community providers. 



-          Develop a video library which displays procedures for clinical practice and supports enhanced standardization of clinical practice at UCSF

-          Decrease the risk of nosocomial conditions through standardizing nursing interventions

-          Support resource-efficient dissemination of education for health care team members

The Video-Library Team includes:

  1. Robyn Huey UCSF Pediatric ICU/Transport NP – project management, video development and planning (40% effort)
  2. Mary Lynch UCSF School of Nursing faculty – education consultant and video development (15% effort)
  3. UCSF IT support – video support and integration of media onto website (20% effort)
  4. Scott Martin, PICU Staff RN – video development (15% effort)

  5. Dr. Arup Roy-Burman, PICU Medical Director-physician consultant (10%)


A challenging project but one with obvious benefits! This concept can be expanded to medical students as well as residents. I think having it available from mobile platforms would be a huge benefit as well.1

Did you have a sense of how many videos would need to be created and included to create a resource that people would want to keep handy? Is there preexisting video content that could be included, to help bootstrap the content creation phase?

I am estimating at least 10-15 videos to support frequently performed procedures. There was one video created by a pediatric surgery NP regarding ostomy care that was linked to the ostomy care procedure.

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