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UCSF Room Maps/ Locator

Proposal Status: 

New to the campus? Or maybe even been here a while, but still get lost? Students, staff, faculty and visitors to UCSF, with its many campuses, can easily lose their way, especially when looking for a particular room. Google Maps or other map applications may get you to the right building…but where in the building is RM# ___?

Our vision would be to create indoor map facilities and geo-location object store for UCSF buildings. The indoor floor plan will be overlaid on the UCSF buildings. People may drill down from the building outside to see a deeper level of UCSF’s various campuses to pinpoint the exact room within the building. Any entities (such as medical equipment, library books, printers etc.) may be stored in our object store and found on the map. These facilities also provide a foundation for building the indoor navigation using GPS and other applications to integrate the geo-location store in the future.

Our proposed scope is to build a web application (currently target on mapping the Medical Sciences building at Parnassus), with the following scopes:

  • Zoom in on map to the floor plan level of a building
  • Switch floor to see different floor plan
  • Create a proof of concept of geo-location object store
  • Search for a room or object
  • Mobile version if time permitted

Impact on UCSF's mission and/or community
Goal is to provide indoor map to public for public accessible buildings and restricted access for private premises. Patients, visitors (i.e. Collaborators, researchers, investors, alumnus, potential students…), neighbors, students and employees would be able to find stores, classrooms, patient rooms etc. in UCSF public buildings.

  • Locations are easily searchable by keywords and destination
  • Save time to look for a destination or equipment
  • Improve UCSF image
  • Provides a foundation for applications requiring indoor locations, such as indoor GPS
  • List of team members and their roles

 List of team members and their roles

(submitted by Lisa Dong for the team. Freddie Tai added to team to combine our proposals. Orlando Leon and Lisa Dong removed from offical team but will assist as needed.)

  • Alex Siu – Developer
  • Angela Fang – Developer/Systems Coordinator
  • Freddie Tai – Project Administrator/Developer
  • Garland Woo – Developer
  • Lawrence Wong - Programmer
  • Kevin Yeung - Developer/Systems Coordinator


Estimated Time
TBD depending on final scope and requirements.


This seems similar to Freddie Tai's mapping project ( . Would it make sense to combine the two ideas?

Ha, I just sent Freddie a comment saying the same thing and asking if he'd want to join our team. Thanks for noticing. lisa

Over the past year UCSF staff geo-referenced all the building and floorplans at Parnassus. We have run some tests and it is ready to be uploaded to Google.....

Med Center has a tool on their website - "Pathway" - that allows patients to map doctor locations. That application has a good dataset of all the Doctors/Clinics. But the maps in that application are pretty basic. I think the proposed "UCSF Room Maps/ Locator" would be much better.

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