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Where's the Shuttle

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While there are apps to show the shuttle schedule and maps to show where a few
of the shuttles are on maps, there is no useful resource that allows someone
waiting in front of a shuttle stop to really know when the next shuttle will
come or will come at all (just kidding).

Current technology has proven that this is a solvable problem and this app
will allow thousands of shuttle users to gain extra time and not have to
wait for the shuttle and even more importantly, not miss an early shuttle.

An app will be developed so that individual users riding the shuttles who
run the app will contribute to the data that can be used to show more
accurately when the shuttles will arrive.

It is possible that existing infrastructure such as the traffic apps
that the local television stations are using (e.g, ABC's Waze) could be
used for collecing the data.

Richard Tabor - Programmer/Designer

Additoinal team members TBD - ideally someone that is working in the
ucsf mobile apps and specifically the shuttle schedule area would be
most useful.


Crowdsourcing the location data like this is a good idea. I believe that Transportation Services piloted NextBus-type GPS tracking on the Grey shuttle. Not sure if the pilot is to be expanded to all shuttles in the foreseeable future or if the location data is to be made available to developers.

I looked at the pilot and found it interesting but not very useful. What this app would be able to do is "know where you are", "know your schedule", and give one a heads up when to leave the office to catch the shuttle. The Muni moving banners showing the next line as well as the audio button on the platforms works very well. Thanks for the feedback.

Certainly GPS tracking would provide better data, but perhaps crowdsourcing would provide enough data to make this a useful addition. It does provide relief to know when the next shuttle is expected and keeps the frustration level down.

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