Community + UCSF Mount Zion Awards 2023

Mount Zion Health Fund

Community + UCSF Mount Zion Awards address unmet health-related needs in San Francisco by supporting projects that originate at, connect with, or relate to the UCSF Mount Zion Campus. 

There are two types of award mechanisms: 

  • One-year grants of up to $75,000 for proof-of-concept projects for MZ Campus-based, healthcare-related work in the community. These projects do not require an existing community partner, but the intent is to support work that will build toward meaningful engagement with community partners. 

  • Single- or multi-year grants of up to $150,000 per year (maximum of three years) for collaborative projects between Mount Zion Campus-based health professionals and one or more community partners.

For these proposals, community partners are defined as local nonprofit or municipal agencies that provide services for underserved communities in San Francisco; please also note this initiative is not seeking to fund partnerships that are based on a transactional [e.g., vendor] relationship.
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  • July 24 - August 24, 2023: Proposal Concept Submission (Phase 1)
  • August 30 - October 2, 2023: Optimization/Full Proposal Submission (Phase 2) - By Invitation
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Trauma-Informed Care Training for Pediatric Residents with GLIDE Center for Social Justice

Primary Author: Marta Kosinski
Proposal Concept: Length = 1-2 page Status: 

Applicant/s name; title; UCSF Mount Zion academic affiliation 

Dr. Marta Kozinski, Mt. Zion Pediatrics, Director of Continuity Clinic, UCSF Pediatric Residnets

Community Partner affiliation, if partner: Rabbi Michael Lezak, GLIDE Center for Social Justice

Project dates: December 1, 2023 to December 1, 2026

Estimate of total budget requested: $7,478 x 3 years = $22,434  


Long COVID AIRE (Access Insight, Research, Education) Project

Proposal Concept: Length = 1-2 page Status: 

Title: Long COVID AIRE (Access, Insight, Research, Education) Project

Applicants:  Carla Kuon MD, Lekshmi Santhosh MD, Edwin Charlebois, MD PHC

Community Partner:  UMOJA Health Coalition

Primary contact: Carla Kuon (, 1545 Divisadero Street #411, SF, CA 94105

Project start date:  January 5, 2024- December 31, 2024

Estimated total budget: 150,000 USD

Poetic Medicine for Grief: Creating Safe Space for Diverse Stories of Loss. A Proposal for Building Racially-Tailored Bereavement Programs in Two Mount Zion/SF BIPOC Communities

Proposal Concept: Length = 1-2 page Status: 

Based on its innovative Poetic Medicine model, the UCSF/Mount Zion MERI Center for Education in Palliative Care ( will partner with Sandy Stokes, RN, & the Chinese American Coalition for Compassionate Care ( and Dr.

Allies for Health: UCSF Pediatrics Residents and SFUSD Hilltop Highschool

Proposal Concept: Length = 1-2 page Status: 
  1. Applicant/s name; title; UCSF Mount Zion academic affiliation; Community Partner affiliation, if partner (note: we are not seeking to fund partnerships that are based on a transactional [e.g., vendor] relationship) Amanda Orley MD (UCSF Pediatrics Resident) and Elizabeth "Bissa" Zamboldi-Moore (teacher at Hilltop High School)

  2. Primary contact information: address, email, phone Amanda Orley 550 16th Street 4th Floor Box 0110 San Francisco, CA 94158. 248-915-8418